About Us


At the heart of the Fort Bend County Bar Association lies a strong commitment to supporting the legal profession, legal professionals, the judiciary and fostering deep connections within the profession to bring to our greater community and the county.

Our diverse, dynamic and dedicated attorney and judicial members are a true reflection of the unique qualities of our county which fosters a small town feel of respect, understanding, civility, service, support and dedication, but which always keeps in mind the depth and breadth of our diverse county and its needs.

The bar has always had a long-standing and abiding relationship with our esteemed judiciary, which has a long history of supporting and serving our county with a unique and compassionate understanding of the issues our county populous faces that has over the years turned into supportive judicial interaction with the community and programs to support our county and its inhabitants.

Our bar and its Board is committed to fostering and continuing to forge connections, collaboration, respect, networking, mentoring, providing the best resources to our members, and to serving and supporting our legal community and in turn, our county.

We invite you to join this amazing group of legal professionals and bring your energy, enthusiasm, commitment, knowledge, depth and breadth to make our bar and our community even stronger as we forge ahead to provide continuing legal education, resources, programs to improve our bar as well as partner in our community to help support public service programs and work with surrounding bar associations to support our county and the region.